Everyone in the Linear Smile team is excited about the release of our new game for Android: War on Water.


War on Water is a free-to-play arcade-like war game where a player has to destroy enemy ships, airplanes and protect friendly ships from enemy paratroopers, pirate boats and stealthy divers. The player has grenades, torpedoes and automatic guns each of which can be upgraded to increase either damage or speed.

Having successfully completed missions player is rewarded with "bullets" -- in-game currency which can be spent in return for the upgrades of the weapons. Also, additional "bullets" can be purchased any-time during the game.


The game features 100 levels of gradually increasing challenge, a variety of enemy ships, airplanes, bombs, paratroopers, and pirates. We hope it will also provide you with lots of fun.



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game for free.


War on Water game-play video

Roborunner The Game

Linear Smile is happy to announce new game release  for Android platform: Roborunner.

   Free Version Link Button        Premium Version Link

Not so long ago in a not so distant galaxy Silky Way there was a planet populated by friendly robots. But one day the E-VEEL virus came from another galaxy and scrambled all bytes in poor robots’ chips. They all became angry and some even started downloading the illegal firmware from the Outernet. It is time to end this nightmare! The elite warrior Roborunner has been sent to access the mainframe and reboot all the robots.Play this platformer with logical puzzles inspired by the classic Lode Runner. Three levels of enemy intellect, three chapters each with a distinct graphics, 30 challenging levels and hours of fun. This is a perfect game to entertain yourself during the commute or other activities ;). Premium version has no ads and allows you to adjust the difficulty level and the gameplay speed. Both versions contain HD resources for tablets.